West of England to hold EGM on rules alterations for 2018/19

West of England Club has notified members of an EGM on February 7th in the Bayerischer Hof, Promenadeplaz 2-6, D-80333 Munich, Germany, for the consideration of two special resolutions. SR1 relates to alterations to the rules of Class 1 and Class 2, effective February 20th. Under 6. Deductibles, (1) and (2) the deductible for each insured vessel rises from $1,000 to $2,000. Also of note is that excluded liability under rule 15, of the carriage of live animals, be removed as “an historical anomaly”.

There are also significant changes to the terminology relating to calls, which are to be changed from “advance” and “additional” to “mutual” and “supplementary” respectively.