Venezuela restricts commercial trade to the Netherlands Antilles

In what it described as an effort to strengthen anti-smuggling efforts the government of Venezuela has decided to ban commercial trade to the Netherlands Antilles, namely Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, reports Standard Club in a web alert.

Anna Kalogianni, Standard Club claims executive, wrote that it was understood that the trade boycott was a response to the lack of basic commodities that Venezuela has been suffering for many years.

The restriction aimed to combat the smuggling of strategic products from Venezuela to the Dutch Caribbean islands. Whilst it appears that the definition of ‘strategic products’ largely includes perishable goods, such as foodstuffs and medicine, the wording used in the government notice is understood to extend the restriction to all vessels carrying products from Venezuela to the Netherlands Antilles.

Dutch authorities have responded and it appears that constructive talks were currently ongoing in order to strengthen the anti-smuggling efforts.

Standard Club said that its Members who were calling at Venezuela with the intention to trade to the Netherlands Antilles should be alert to these developments and were encouraged to seek further advice before calling Venezuela.