Yemeni rebels threaten to attack oil tankers if ports stay closed

Yemen’s armed Houthi rebels have said that they could attack oil tankers and warships from enemy countries in retaliation against the closure of Yemeni ports by a Saudi-led military coalition last week.

The Houthi rebels, who are supported by Iran, were blamed by the Saudis for firing a ballistic missile towards Riyadh airport on November 4th. On November 6th the Saudi coalition closed access to Yemeni ports.

Citing an unnamed  military commander, Houthis’ official media outlet Al Masirah said that “the battleships and oil tankers of the aggression and their movements will not be safe from the fire of Yemeni naval forces if they are directed by the senior leadership”.

Al Masirah said the decision to threaten coalition vessels was taken after a meeting of naval officials who had discussed the possible response to the closure of Yemeni ports.