IUMI political forum – IMO guidelines on fatigue

One of the areas for “Monitor and Inform” in the latest IUMI Political Forum list of issues was the IMO Guidelines on fatigue.

The IMO Maritime Safety Committee agreed in November 2014 to revise its guidelines of fatigue mitigation and management, stating that a significant amount of information had become available about the causes and consequences of fatigue since the guidelines were published in 2002. However, IUMI observed that they lacked information about the holistic management of fatigue at sea.

In February 2015 the IMO Sub-Committee on Human element, Training and Watchkeeping established a working group. Following discussions and a proposal by Australia in October 2015, HTW 3 resolved in February 2016 to establish a correspondence group to review the proposed amendments and submit its report to HTW 4. In June 2017 MSC 98 extended the target completion year to 2018.

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim has highlighted this revision as a main priority to the UN Organization:

In January 2017, an international partnership of researchers and industry presented the final report of a research study on fatigue and related issues (Project MARTHA). The results indicated that fatigue and stress increased for most crew as the voyage length increased, and motivation decreased. Captains suffered more than their colleagues, and in particular port work was considered demanding.