West Of England updates on Qatar

West of England P&I has issued updates on the Qatar crisis, all of which are in accord with the information provided by London P&I.

In the Port of Fujairah all vessels, either flying the flag of Qatar or foreign flag vessels that have their last Port as Qatar or are destined for Qatar after Fujairah, will not be allowed into Fujairah Port or anchorage. All vessels presently at Fujairah Port or Fujairah anchorage have been ordered to leave UAE waters with immediate effect. http://www.westpandi.com/globalassets/news/170606-port-of-fujairah—notice-to-mariners-no.-224.pdf

The Chief Harbour Master of Abu Dhabi Ports has issued a direction confirming that Qatari flagged vessels, vessels going to / arriving from Qatar (no matter the flag) and vessels having cargo destined or originating from Qatar, will not be allowed to call at any port or anchorage under their control.

It is expected that the ports of Khorfakkan and Ras Al Khaimah are applying similar restrictions to Fujairah although no formal notice to mariners has been issued by the port authorities. http://www.westpandi.com/globalassets/news/170606-abu-dhabi—chm-direction-02.17—restriction-to-vessels-and-cargo-coming-from-and-o….pdf

Presently vessels arriving at Jebel Ali and Sharjah from Qatar or departing for Qatari ports are being granted entry and clearance. We understand however that effective 0001 Hrs/6th June, it is likely vessels arriving from/proceeding to Qatar ports will not be granted entry and clearance.

Meanwhile, The Bahrain Ministry of Trade and Transport has confirmed in a notice to mariners that vessels departing to or arriving from Qatar will not be granted clearance or entry as of 0001hrs 6th June. http://www.westpandi.com/globalassets/news/170606-bahrain-ministry-of-trade-and-transport—-notice.pdf

The General Organization of Saudi Sea Ports Authority has announced to all shipping agents that they shall not allow entry into Saudi ports any Qatari flagged vessels, vessels owned by Qatari companies or individuals, or vessels carrying cargo of Qatari origin.