One Maritime supplies detailed UAE ports update on Qatar crisis

One Maritime has said that, for the Ports in UAE, there were as yet no clear directives which applied to all Ports universally, but this is what it knew as of June 6th.

In implementation of the statement issued by Saudi government on the severing of diplomatic and consular relations with State of Qatar and the closure of all land routes, sea and air ports, the General Organization of Saudi Sea Ports Authority on Monday evening told all shipping agents not to receive any vessels hosting Qatari flag or owned by Qatari companies or individuals, neither to unload any goods of Qatari origin in Saudi ports.

FUJAIRAH: All vessels, either flying the flag of Qatar or foreign flag vessels that have their last port as Qatar or are destined for Qatar after Fujairah will not be

allowed into Fujairah Port or anchorage. Such vessels will not only be allowed for cargo purposes ( loading or discharging ) but also crew matters, bunkering, repairs or any other business. All vessels presently at Fujairah Port or Fujairah anchorage have been ordered to leave UAE waters with immediate effect. A formal notice has been issued to this effect.

KHORFAKKAN: Similar position to Fujairah, however no official announcement for vessels bound for Qatar to leave immediately. No notice has been received.

RAS AL KHAIMAH: A similar position to Fujairah; plus, vessels at anchorage or Port bound for Qatar have been asked to leave immediately, though no notice has been received.

JEBEL ALI: Presently vessels arriving from/proceeding to Qatar ports are being granted entry and clearance. “We understand that effective 0001 Hrs/6th June, vessels arriving from/proceeding to Qatar ports may not be granted entry and clearance.” This was verbal information from Jebel Ali Immigration which is the authority granting port clearance for vessels. No official circular yet received.

HUMRIAH (Sharjah): Effective 0001 Hrs/6th June entry and clearance may not be granted to vessels arriving from/proceeding to Qatar ports. Verbal information from Hamriyah Port Immigration. No official circular yet received.

ABU DHABI: All vessels flying the Flag of Qatar, and all vessels, arriving from or destined to Qatar, irrespective of its flag, are banned from calling into any of Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports. In addition, Abu Dhabi Ports have issued a circular banning Qatari flagged vessels and also foreign flag vessels which are bound for or coming from Qatar.

MINA SAQR: Vessels last port being Qatar is not permitted in Mina Saqr (in port & OPL). Vessels’ next port cannot be Qatar (in port & OPL). No crew of the vessels should sign on in Qatar (OPL vessels). Vessel’s flag should not be of Qatar(in port & OPL). Any passenger/superintendent/surveyor/technician etc. holding last exit stamp from Qatar is not permitted (OPL vessels).


So far there is no restriction or ban declared on any vessel arriving from/proceeding to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain. There are no official notification issued by any Qatar port or any authorities yet on this subject.

BAHRAIN: The Ports and Maritime Affairs at Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications have informed that that all Bahrain Ports and territorial waters will remain suspended for marine navigation from and to State of Qatar effective from 6th June 2017.