Unloading of A Symphony should be over by May 4th

Attempts to unload the cargo from tanker A Symphony (IMO 9249324), which leaked oil into the Yellow Sea near the Chinese port city of Qingdao after a collision last week were scheduled to be completed on Tuesday May 4th, the vessel’s manager Goodwood Ship Management has said.

A Symphony, carrying about 1m barrels of bitumen mix, was struck by bulk carrier Sea Justice (IMO 9309514) on April 27th (IMN April 28th). The impact caused a breach in the ship’s cargo tanks and ballast tanks, causing it to leak around 400 tonnes (2,920 barrels) of its bitumen mix cargo.

There were no injuries to the crew and clean-up operations began as soon as weather allowed. As many as a dozen specialist cleaning and repair vessels were working on what  was described as a “minor” spill. Lightering work had continued since Friday April 30th, Goodwood said, adding that when it was completed the vessel would leave for further assessment and repairs.

The size of the spill was revised down to about 400 tonnes (2,920 barrels) on Thursday April 29th, from an original estimate of 500 tonnes.

A Symphony’s manager Goodwood Ship Management said that China’s Maritime Safety Administration had cleared the damaged ship to begin operations to remove its cargo. It reiterated its previous comment it had acted to limit any leak as soon as the collision occurred.

The Shandong Maritime Safety Administration had warned earlier of strong winds that could clear the fog but might complicate the clean-up.

An official at the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration told Reuters that the amount of oil on the tanker, which had been carrying a 150,000-tonne cargo of bitumen blend, was unchanged, which would indicate that no more was leaking.

A Symphony was at anchor when a collision took place with the bulk carrier Sea Justice on Tuesday April 27th. The impact caused a breach in A Symphony’s cargo tanks and ballast tanks, Goodwood Ship Management said last week.

The site of the accident was about 40nm from Qingdao Port.

Ships had been instructed to stay at least 10nm away from the A Symphony, but SMSA said on Thursday that the accident had not affected traffic to and from the port.

Hong Kong-based fuel trading company Run Cheng International Resource (HK) Co has said it was the owner of the 150,000-tonne cargo of bitumen blend on board the A Symphony.

2001-built, Liberia-flagged, 79,525 gt A Symphony is owned by Symphony Shipholding SA care of manager NGM Energy SA of Piraeus, Greece. ISM manager is Goodwood Ship Management of Singapore. It is entered with North of England on behalf of Symphony Shipholding SA.

2005-built, Panama-flagged, 24,960 gt Sea Justice is owned by Sea Justice Ltd care of manager Glory Ships Co Ltd of Qingdao, Shandong, China. It is entered with Swedish Club