UK Club says all valid claims re Ever Given will be considered by the vessel owner

UK Club confirmed yesterday March 29th that container vessel Ever Given, which grounded in the Suez Canal at about 05:40 UTC on March 23rd,  was insured with the UK Club for Protection and Indemnity (third party) liabilities.

The vessel was re-floated at about 13:00 UTC on March 29th.

UK Club said that “we congratulate the teams from the Suez Canal Authority and SMIT Salvage who coordinated the successful salvage operations”.

UK Club said that it was its understanding from initial investigations that the vessel grounded due to strong winds as it was transiting (with two canal pilots onboard) northbound through the canal, en route to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Club noted that all crew were safe and accounted for and that there had been no reports of pollution or cargo damage.

The UK Club said that it was the insurer of the owner of Ever Given for certain third-party liabilities that might arise from an incident such as this – including, for example, damage caused to infrastructure or claims for obstruction.

The vessel itself and its cargo will have been insured separately.

“While the UK Club is unable to comment on any confidential insurance or potential claim details, all valid claims will be considered by the vessel owner, the UK Club and its legal advisors in due course”, the club said, noting that it was continuing to work with all parties involved.