Two Greenpeace activists film themselves boarding oil rig

Two members of Greenpeace filmed themselves approaching and boarding 27,000 tonne Transocean rig Paul B Loyd Jr on Sunday evening June 9th while it was being towed out to sea in the Cromarty Firth. The rig is contracted to BP. Greenpeace has been calling for BP to end drilling for new oil wells.

BP said that it was “working every day to advance to a low carbon future” but added that, while it recognized the right for peaceful protest, “the actions of this group are irresponsible and may put themselves and others unnecessarily at risk.”

The rig was reportedly on its way to the Vorlich field to drill new oil wells operated by BP.

BP said that it was working with Transocean and the authorities in its attempts to resolve the situation. Police Scotland said that it was working with the operators, Cromarty Firth Port Authority and others in an effort to resolve the situation as safely as possible.

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