Talks over Kenya-Somalia maritime border dispute

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somalia President Mohamed Farmaajo have held a meeting over the ongoing Indian Ocean boundary dispute between the two countries.

The meeting was chaired in Nairobi, Kenya, by Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed in Nairobi.

Abiy said after the meeting that both countries had agreed to work towards peace and to take measures in addressing the issues that had led to an escalation in tensions.

On February 16th the Kenyan Foreign Affairs asserted that Mogadishu had auctioned Kenya’s oil blocks in London. Somalia denied the claims.

On February 21st tensions escalated further when the Kenyan government said that it would not cede an inch of its soil in the disputed maritime border with Somalia, although the foreign ministry emphasized that it wanted a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia said in response in a letter dated February 25th that it rejected Kenya’s characterization of the maritime dispute and told Kenya that the case should be decided by the International Court Of Justice.