Subsea damage risks when anchoring near Hong Kong

North of England Club has alerted members that vessels anchoring near the approaches to Hong Kong need to be aware of the risks of damaging subsea pipelines and cables.

Attention was drawn in particular to the South East approaches to Hong Kong port, due to the large volume of subsea cables and pipelines in the region. Some of these were not clear on all Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC). The Club said that it understood that not all cables and lines were marked fully from origin to termination by the hydrographic office, and that they only showed in the busy traffic areas.

North said that in some cases vessels had been called by the owning cable companies requesting that the vessel change their anchoring location. It was also understood that companies might attempt to blame such vessels for pre-existing cable damage.

North said that vessels intending to anchor in this region should consider designated anchorages only.