Significant increase in nCoV infections on Diamond Princess

The operator of passenger cruise ship Diamond Princess (IMO 9228198) confirmed yesterday morning that there were 66 new infections of nCoV on the vessel, bringing the total to 130.

Diamond Princess is currently quarantined off the coast of Japan, with any passengers or crew on board who contact the infection being moved to hospitals on the mainland.

Japanese health officials had said that among the new infections were 45 Japanese nationals, 11 Americans, four Australians, three from the Philippines and one each from Canada and Ukraine.

“This is not news that anyone of us wanted to receive,” the captain told passengers in a broadcast over speakers in their cabins. “However, we have been also advised since we are in the early quarantine period of 14 days; it was not unexpected.”

The Diamond Princess was placed in quarantine for two weeks when she arrived in in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, on February 3rd, after a man who disembarked in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus.

About 3,700 people are aboard the ship, which usually has a crew of 1,100 and a passenger capacity of 2,670. Passengers have been allowed on decks in shifts to get fresh air and encouraged to regularly take their temperature.

A UK passenger said on social media that “lots of the passengers now are getting a bit of cabin fever. Depression is starting to set in.”

People who had been in close contact with newly confirmed cases on the ship faced Their quarantine period being reset to zero.

As of Monday the disease had killed 908 people, chiefly in mainland China, and infected more than 40,000. The rate of increase in new infections has steadied at about 3,000 a day, within China. The number of deaths per day has been steadily increasing at more than 10% a day.

2004-built, UK-flagged, 115,906 gt Diamond Princess is owned by Fairline Shipping care of Princess Cruise Lines Ltd of Valencia, California, USA. It is entered with UK Club and Steamship Mutual.