Report a near-miss, save a life

The Standard Club issued a web alert informing members that it has been working on a number of initiatives to promote the importance of near-miss reporting.

The latest of these is an educational video and workbook created in association with maritime e-learning company Videotel. The aim of the production is to educate mariners and shore managers specifically about near-miss reporting, and to emphasize its importance in improving safety on board ships.

Standard said that if all near-misses are reported, collated, analyzed and results distributed, by identifying weaknesses in operational procedures and putting into practice the lessons learned, there would be the opportunity to reduce the number of serious incidents that occur.

Standard said that it was everyone’s responsibility on a ship to report and take action if they see any unsafe condition, hazard or near miss, as this could cause a serious incident the next time.

Details on the workbook and video are available from Videotel, 84 Newman Street, London W1T 3EU, +44 20 7299 1800, +44 20 7299 1818, [email protected]