Port strike in Finland is ended

A strike in Finland’s ports that for two weeks had stopped the loading and unloading of all cargo will end after a deal was reached on March 1st, Finland’s Transport Workers’ Union AKT and the port operators said.

A new 25-month labour contract has been agreed.

Ismo Kokko, chairman of ATK, said that all industrial action against the ports had been ended with immediate effect. Dockworkers would be returning to work as soon as possible and no later than March 4th.

However, shipping line Maersk, which had suspended all services to Finland, advised customers to continue to defer shipments. It said that it would advise clients when the operations had resumed normally.

The collective bargaining agreement will run to February 28th 2025, starting from February 1st 2023. It includes a total wage increase of 6.3%, plus a one-time payment to be paid next week to full-time employees worth the equivalent of about $1,165.

Work rule changes include a local agreement on the 10-hour working time format and for the rules on night ships.

The strike had impacted Finland’s 10 major ports, including Helsinki, Hamina-Kotka, Hanko, Rauma, and Turku. Foreign trade effectively came to a halt from February 15th. The Finnish Port Operators Association had estimated that each day of the strike had coast more than $300m in foreign trade.

The union earlier in the week reported that it had also come to terms for portions of the truck divers including the movement of petroleum products and terminal operations.