Polish coast guard boards Greenpeace ship in coal protest

Armed Polish border guards boarded Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior late on Monday September 8th, which had been blocking a delivery of coal in the port of Gdansk. The border guards detained two activists, officials said.

The environmental group said that the protest highlighted Poland’s continued dependence on air-polluting coal. Greenpeace aimed to pressure it to phase out coal as a source of energy by 2030.

Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior arrived in Gdansk on the Monday afternoon and the ship anchored around midnight, trying to prevent a shipment of coal from Mozambique from being unloaded

The overnight intervention by a special unit was part of standard procedure after the activists refused to subject Rainbow Warrior to control, spokesman Tadeusz Gruchalla said. There were 22 activists who took part in the action, of whom two were detained by border guard officials