Outbreak of dengue fever in the Philippines

American Club has reported an outbreak of Dengue fever in the Philippines. Dengue fever, an Aedes aegypti mosquito-borne viral disease, has a two-week undetectable incubation period. It causes flu-like symptoms, can be lethal and has no reliably known vaccine. However, it is curable if diagnosed and treated in time.

The Club said that Club-approved PEME clinics in the Philippines had been asked to ensure they take proper precautions to check for dengue fever symptoms during their examinations of Filipino seamen. The Club said that Members should also consider notifying their manning agents to check seafarers for signs of incipient Dengue fever immediately before they deploy.

Members were recommended to ensure that they also take precautionary measures for vessels that moor, load or discharge within two miles of the coast of the Philippine archipelago. These precautions include:

  • doors and windows are kept closed during the day for as long as reasonably possible;
    • any mosquitoes entering compartments are killed;
    • insect repellent spray is used extensively, including under tables and chairs and in dark corners;
    • long sleeved shirts and trousers are worn;
    • pools of stagnant water, dew or rain are removed;
    • refuse bags and bins are sealed properly;
    • portholes, ventilation and other openings are covered with fine wire mesh; and
    • lights are screened to avoid attracting mosquitoes.
  • https://www.american-club.com/files/files/MA_091019_Outbreak_of_Dengue_Fever_in_the_Philippines.pdf