Police say footage on cruise ship shows that woman jumped to death

A woman from Queensland who was presumed dead after falling from cruise ship Pacific Dawn (IMO 8521232) probably jumped to her death, according to local reports.

Police said that security cameras recorded the final few minutes of Mrs Schofield’s life as she stood with her husband. Nothing appeared unusual until just after 16:00 on April 12th when 47-year-old Mrs Schofield took two steps back and “propelled herself overboard” as her husband tried desperately to grab her by the legs.

Pacific Dawn was some 300km off New Caledonia at the time.

Queensland Police Inspector Rob Graham said that Pacific Dawn would be assessed for its compliance, but he expected it would fully adhere to international safety regulations that included its railing height and other safety equipment.

P&O parent company Carnival Cruises said before the coroner’s investigation began that there were “international regulatory standards for minimum heights for balconies and the cruise liner adheres to those requirements.

1991-built, UK-flagged, 70,285 gt Pacific Dawn is owned by Carnival PLC of Southampton, UK, and managed by Carnival Australia of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Americas Syndicate) on behalf of Carnival PLC trading as P&O Cruises Australia. It is also entered with UK P&I Club (Americas G7 Area Group) on behalf of Carnival PLC trading as P&O Cruises Australia.