Newfoundland to retain shipyard environmental liabilities after sale

The provincial government of Newfoundland is to take on environmental liabilities at the site of the former Marystown Shipyard.

Mark Browne, MHA for Placentia West-Bellevue, said that “the environmental site assessment was completed through the late summer and early fall. That work was ongoing to determine what soil and marine sediments would be contaminated. We’ve booked that value now at C$1.48m. That work will be done on site — we’re committed to removing those liabilities to ensure that nothing stands in the way of the purchase and sale of the former Marystown shipyard so that people can get back to work.”

Browne said that the contaminants at the site date back to the early days of the shipyard “When government divested this site in 1997, it took on the environmental indemnity, so those liabilities government already has”, he said.

Marbase Marystown Inc said at the same time that it would be buying the aging facility. Remediation work at the site will start once Marbase takes ownership of the shipyard site.