New edition of Handling Ships in First-Year Ice

The Nautical Institute has published the second edition of its practical guide to shiphandling in ‘new ice’ conditions in the Baltic, North Atlantic and St Lawrence Seaway.

The Institute said that handling ships in first-year ice demanded specialist knowledge and skills. Ice remained a major obstacle for commercial traffic and had the potential to damage propellers, main engines, rudders and hull plating. It limited the speed and manoeuvrability of vessels, putting them at greater risk of collision with structures and other vessels.

The new edition has been updated to take into account the Polar Code, heavier shipping traffic in ice-affected waters and ports, improved communications and new methods of detecting ice.

The author is Captain Johan Buysse MM MSc MNI.

Handling Ships in First-Year Ice (ISBN 978 1 906915 55 1), is available from .