Marine accident round-up : 8th October 2019

General cargo ship Active (IMO 9126352) caused an oil spill at its berth in Lindenhof, Bremen-Gröpelingen during the evening of November 4th after losing fuel. The fire rescue attended and an oil boom was laid out around the ship. An area of 80×300 metres was reported polluted. The ship had arrived from Liepaja, on November 1st. 1996-built, St Vincent and Grenadines-flagged, 2,561 gt Active is owned by Arundo AS care of Venus Shipping AS of Vestbjerg, Denmark. It is managed by Kopervik Shipmanagement AS of Kopervik, Norway. ISM manager is Kopervik Ship management Poland of Gdansk, Poland. It is entered with Gard P&I Club (Bermuda) on behalf of Arundo AS.

Towing vessel Brooklyn (IMO 7412109)  and an oil barge it was pushing that was loaded with an estimated 68,000 barrels of gasoline and 29,000 gallons of diesel fuel, ran aground on the Hudson River during the morning of November 3rd. The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) responded to the area of the North Albany Terminal on the Hudson, and said that it believed no fuel had been spilled. The DEC hired a private spill contractor to handle any clean-up necessary, should any leaks in the vessels be found.

The tug was lifted and freed from the river bottom after only a short time. It returned to the North Albany Terminal LLC. The vessels were secured before heading back to the terminal for inspections. 1975-built, USA-flagged, 335 gt Brooklyn is owned by Apex Oil Co of Clayton, MO, USA. It is managed by Apex Towing Co of Clayton, MO, USA. It is entered with American Club.

Chemical/oil products tanker Minerva Karteria (IMO 9787170) allided with the crude oil tanker Kola (IMO 9217979) while approaching and mooring alongside for a ship-to-ship operation at the Roadstead Mooring Point in Kola Bay on the Barents Sea during the evening of November 1st. The Kola suffered minor dents on the port side shell and bulwark, along with fairlead cracks. There was no class suspension and no sailing ban. Temporary repairs were expected to be carried out on board. The Minerva Karteria suffered some dents on its starboard side shell plating, also with no voyage or operation suspensions. No pollution was reported and no tug assistance was required.

2018-built, Greece-flagged, 63,485 gt Minerva Karteria is owned by Nara Shipping SA care of manager Minerva Marine Inc of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Nara Shipping SA.

2001-built, Russia-flagged, 157,883 gt Kola is owned by Iriga Maritime SA care of manager LK Volga LLC of Murmansk, Russia. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2) on behalf of LK Volga Ltd.

All 46 passengers and 58 non-essential crew members were disembarked from cruise ship XPedition (IMO 9228368) after she ran aground near the Galapagos islands in Punta Vicente Roca, northern Isabela Island, late on November 5th. They were taken aboard the Celebrity Flora, operated by the same company, and taken to Quito on November 6th. Celebrity Cruises arranged hotels and flights home. The passengers of the cruise, which had been scheduled to run from November 2nd to 11th, will be fully refunded and offered another cruise for free. The date that the XPedition would recommence cruising was not yet known. The ship was refloated 30 minutes after the accident with assistance of service boats. She was moved to the Italbaca channel where she was anchored for inspections. No damage had yet been found . 2001-built, Ecuador-flagged, 2,937 gt Xpedition is owned by Islas Galapagos Turismo of Quito, Ecuador. It is managed by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd of Miami, Florida. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group Americas G7) (under name Celebrity Xpedition) on behalf of Ocean Adventures SA.