Marine accident round-up : 7th March 2022

The 28 surviving crew members of cargo ship Banglar Samriddhi (IMO 9793832) were evacuated at the port of Oktyabrsk,(Olviia) during the night of March 3rd. They have been taken to a safe zone by tugs. The vessel has been declared abandoned because of its condition after being hit by two missiles on March 2nd while at the small port’s anchorage, killing one crew member and destroying the bridge of the vessel on March 2. After the death of the third engineer was reported the Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Shipping acted. The 28 crewmembers and the body of the engineer were removed from the vessel They were making arrangements to take the seafarers to Moldova or another neighbouring country, before getting them to a part, possibly Constanta in Romania, from where they could be repatriated.

2018-built, Bangladesh-flagged, 25,818 gt Banglar Samriddhi is owned and managed by Bangladesh Shipping Corp of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is entered with Skuld (Business unit Skuld Singapore International) on behalf of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.

Palletized cargo ship Taporo VII (IMO 7525360) partially sunk to rest on bottom on March 3rd after developing a portside list alongside the pier at Papeete, French Polynesia. The inside compartments were flooded via an open valve, according to one report. The cargo ship connects the islands of French Polynesia. However, another report stated that the capacity of 2,500 tons of loading seemed to have been exceeded. The stevedores then realized that something was wrong and gave the alert. Following an incorrect manoeuvre when loading a container the vessel suffered a heavy list to port while its loading ramp was open. The holds of the ship were quickly filled with 500 tons water. The vessel sank until it touched the bottom. The Taporo VII is the only ship to serve the Leeward Islands, so will need to be temporarily replaced . As of March 5th the vessel remained at Papeete.

Reports with photo and video:

Bulk carrier Marvel I (IMO 9523495) encountered mechanical problems during the evening of March 3rd and was disabled after passing under Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver. It was slightly grounded on sandy bottom, pointing north-south. Four tugs helped the ship back out of its position near Stanley Park within two hours The ship had left Vancouver loaded with grain, bound for Longkou, China. The Marvel I was later moved further into English Bay on Vancouver anchorage and anchored for inspection. The mechanical problem was understood to have been fixed. As of March 5th the vessel was at Vancouver Anchorage.

2011-built, Liberia-flagged, 43,600 gt Marvel I is owned by Marvel Shipping Enterprises SA are of manager Veritas Shipmanagement Ltd of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Marvel Shipping Enterprises SA). For hull, claims leader is Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, with Gard AS holding a subscription position, on behalf of Veritas Shipmanagement

Container ship Maersk Cameroun (IMO 9525326) became disabled and adrift during the afternoon of March 3rd when it was about 95nm south-east of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The ship was en route from Pointe Noire, Congo, to Port Elizabeth; it berthed at the Ngquare Liquid Bulk Terminal in Ngqura on March 4th where it remained as of March 5th

2011-built, Singapore-flagged, 50,869 gt is owned by Moller Singapore AP Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by Maersk AS of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of AP Moller Singapore.