Marine accident round-up : 21st March 2019

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is investigating a collision between two bulk carriers, Caravos Harmony (IMO 9595589) and Pan Acacia (IMO 9510505), in Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia, early on the morning of Sunday March 17th. The TSB sent a team of investigators. Caravos Harmony had just arrived at the port from Tacoma, Washington. Pan Acacia, arrived on March 13th according to AIS data.

The TSB statement did not provide any details regarding damage, injuries or pollution resulting from the incident. Transport Canada said that the two ships collided in Vancouver Harbour after one of them lost power. No one was injured and no pollutants were released. The federal department said that the Caravos Harmony was loaded with corn and had damage to her bow, while the Pan Acacia was waiting to load coal and had a hole on the port side above the water line. Transport Canada said both vessel were being kept in port until repairs and other follow-up actions were completed.

2013-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 2013-built, 44,289 gt Caravos Harmony is owned by Octapus Shipping Corp care of manager Iason Hellenic Shipping Co of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Octapus Shipping Co.

2010-built, Panama-flagged, 92,080 gt Pana Acacia is owned by Pos Maritime GC SA care of manager Pos Maritime GC SA of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager is Pos SM Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Pan Ocean Co Ltd.

Cargo ship Lomur (IMO 9251509) reportedly suffered damage to cargo on March 11th after encountering heavy weather in the North Atlantic Ocean while en route from Reykjavik to Canada. The machinery and the forward deck winches sustained electrical damage. There was also deformation of containers and deck fittings, with 16 containers in total suffering damage. The vessel continued its voyage, reaching Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador, on March 14th. On March 16th she continued her voyage to Halifax, ETA March 18th. 2002-built, Gibraltar-flagged, 4,454 gt Lomur is owned by Fulkum care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 1) on behalf of Fulkum Shipping Co Ltd.

Chemical/oil products tanker Agios Georgios I (IMO 8504818) ran aground near Gavrio, Greece, off the west coast of Andros island during the night of March 15th while approaching Gavrio port. The ship had a crew of eight Greeks and two passengers on board, and was loaded with 880 cbm of oil, 455.46 cubic meters of gasoline and 428.29 cubic meters of diesel oil. No leak has been reported so far. The tanker was to be surveyed by divers during March 16th prior to refloating attempts. The Greek Coastguard was monitoring the site with three patrol boats to ensure no oil spill occurred. Oil booms were laid out. The ship suffered a small breach of 15×4 cm on the port side bow. 1986-built, Greece-flagged, 490 gt Agios Georgios 1 is owned and managed by Amorgos Transport Shipping of Athens, Greece.

Fishing support vessel Sagar Sampada (IMO 8300080) caught fire late on March 15th while engaged in research work some 35 miles off Mangalore, Western India, with 36 crew members and 16 scientists on board. Two Indian Coast Guard ship were deployed to assist and managed to extinguish the fire. A joint firefighting team reportedly entered the accommodation area at 01:30 and contained the fire. Other merchant vessels in the area also responded and offered assistance. About eight compartments of the accommodation area were damaged. The vessel was towed to Mangalore, where it arrived during the morning of March 16th. 1984-built, India-flagged, 2,661 gt Sagar Sampada is owned by India Government Ocean Development care of Seaport Shopping Pvt Ltd of Chennai, India. It is managed by SCI of Mumbai, India. It is entered with North of England on behalf of The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

Fishing trawler La Fanette (IMO 9669794), which had been distressed off north Finistère since March 12th, arrived in Brest on March 15th after several attempts to tow it in difficult weather conditions. She had suffered propeller damage 18 km northwest of Cornwall late on March 12th. The following day a UK SAR helicopter evacuated the six crew members after several unsuccessful attempts to tow the ship. Trawler Farfadet managed to grab the La Fanette from astern and towed the ship backwards for several hours. On March 14th the tow was transferred to tug TSM Kermor but the cable broke several times. A second tug, TSM Penzer, was mobilized. TSM Kermor and TSM Penzer took the casualty to the port of Brest. 2012-built, France-flagged, 205 gt La Fanette is owned and managed by Quirat Porcher SAS of St-Brieuc, France.