Cyclone Idai devastates Mozambique port of Beira

Steamship Mutual notes in a web alert that its correspondent in Beira, Mozambique, has witnessed devastation as a result of cyclone Idai.

The Club lists P&I Associates Mozambique as its correspondent in Beira. Contact is usually made via their Durban office. However, because of the cyclone, communications were difficult-to-impossible.

The correspondent managed to inform P&I Associates in South Africa that “there is no communication with Beira at all… City is almost destroyed…… Port not yet operational.. Yesterday berthed two vessels but equipment not able to discharge the vessels as yet. No water, no electricity, no food etc……. It is a completed disaster.”

P&I Associates went on to say that it had received reports that several fishing vessels were aground and the dredger that operated in the river and port was also aground. A damage report was awaited.

The correspondent said that at this stage, Beira appeared to be a non-functional port. Shippers, terminals, and port managers were expected to issue force majeure notices. Any vessel waiting to berth in Beira could experience delays for an unknown period.