Marine accident round-up : 19th January 2023

Cargo ship Kledes Mary (IMO 9133537) was reported to have caught fire due to an electrical fault in the laundry room while it was at the port of Durres, Albania, during the afternoon of January 14th. Two Albanian naval vessels evacuated the crew and brought the fire under control. The local Coast Guard and port tugs also attended. The vessel was towed to a dock near the area of the former shipyard.

1995-built, Panama-flagged, 1,682 gt Kledes Mary is owned and managed by Albsea Transport Shpk of Durres, Albania. ISM manager is Vital Shipping Co of Durres, Albania. As of January 18th the vessel was moored at Durres.

SAIC Anji, the expanding logistics subsidiary of China-based car manufacturing giant SAIC, has signed a deal that will see seven 8,900 ceu car carriers manufactured in China. The order has been split between two yards, with Jinling taking four ships and Jiangnan the remaining three. Brokers suggested that the costs could come in at above $100m apiece. The ships will be classed methanol-ready when they are delivered in 2025 and 2026. SAIC Anji ordered five car carriers last year. It is one of several Chinese motor brands that have decided to invest in ships to handle the nation’s fast-growing volume of exports.

Bulk carrier Don (IMO 9165695) was reported by Vessel Tracker to have been fined for discharging dirty and oily garbage in Mersin, Turkiye, on January 10th, plus the alleged discharging of dirty ballast water on Jan 11th. The local environmental protection office took samples and video records. Subsequently, a investigation file was opened and a pollution fine was imposed by the local municipality environmental pollution prevention department due to a breach of local regulations, as per Marpol rules. The imposed fine was reported to have been $536,500. Permission to depart was cancelled by the Harbour Master until the fine was paid, with clean-up expenses added. The payment and a letter of guarantee was reported to have been issued by its liability insurer on behalf of the owners, and the vessel was granted a departure permission. It sailed from Mersin on January 13th for Trabzon, with an ETA of January 19th. As of January 18th it was at anchor off the south of Istanbul.

2000-built, Barbados-flagged, 11,376 gt Don is owned by Ramio Holdings Inc care of manager Angara Denizcilik of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Philippine Coast Guard was reported to have stopped cargo ship Van Knight (IMO 9602966) from leaving the province of Zambales, destination China, after an order was issued on January 16th against its shipment of mineral ore. The PCG Task Force Aduana assisted in implementing a “Cease and Desist” order against the shipment of mineral ores on board the vessel in Santa Cruz, Zambales, which was consigned to Yinglong Steel Corporation (YSC). The Bureau of Customs (BOC) said that the vessel intended to transport an “undetermined amount of mineral ore from the Philippines to China.” The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Mines and Geosciences Bureau (DENR-MGB) declared that the YSC’s mineral ore export permit had been suspended as of January 12th for allegedly violating Presidential Decree 1586 (Establishing an Environmental Impact Statement System, including other Environmental Management Related Measures and for other Purposes).

2011-built, Liberia-flagged, 32,962 gt Van Knight is owned by Chailease Victory Co care of manager Vanhui Shipping Co Ltd of Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Hong Kong) on behalf of Vanhui Shipping Co Ltd. As of January 18th the vessel was at anchor of Santa Cruz.

A cargo handling accident occurred on bulk carrier Chang Nan Hai (IMO 9535864) during the offloading of a road crane in São Francisco during the morning of January 17th .

2010-built, China-flagged, 33,036 gt Chang Chang Nan Hai is owned and managed by Zhejiang Changchang Shipping of Zhejiang, China. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Hong Kong) on behalf of Zhejiang Changchang Shipping Co Ltd. As of January 18th the vessel was moored at Sao Francisco do Sul.

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