Marine accident round-up : 13th February 2019

Crude oil tanker Maersk Princess (IMO 9308948) lost a 14,000kg port side anchor, along with the anchor’s five shackles, at anchorage No.7 near Ymuiden, North Holland, Netherlands, shortly after midday on February 9th. The ship berthed at the Oiltanking AMS in Amsterdam about 11 hours later.

Meanwhile, general cargo ship Christine (IMO 8502145) lost its 600kg port side anchor along with five shackles in the traffic separation scheme off Vlieland, Netherlands, during the morning of February 9th. The ship had sailed from Bremen on February 7th, bound for Novorossyisk.

2005-built, Singapore-flagged, 61,724 gt Maersk Princess is owned by Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte of Singapore. It is manager by Moller AP of Copenhagen, Denmark. ISM manager is Maersk Tankers AS of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld Business unit Skuld Copenhagen) on behalf of Maersk Tankers AS.

1986-based, Liberia-flagged, 851 g Christine is owned by Christine Maritime SA care of manager SkyMare Navigation Co of Piraeus, Greece.

Cargo ship Frisium (IMO 9013048) ran aground early on February 9th while en route from Rotterdam to Flixborough with a crew of five on board. The vessel was refloated on the rising tide but was unable to berth at Flixborough, so it moved river upstream to the Neap House Wharf, with a tug escort, where it was attached with extra lines attached. The ship was carrying 1,442 tonnes of magnesite. 1992-built, Netherlands-flagged, 1,786 gt Frisium is owned by Frisium CV care of manager Boomsma Shipping BV of Sneek, Netherlands. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club.

Cargo ship Ever Given (IMO 9811000) remained moored at the ECT Delta Container Terminal in Rotterdam on February 12th while investigations continued. Ferry Finkenwerder, involved in a collision with Ever Given, was pulled to the Shipyard von Cölln, Finkenwerder, on February 10th. The ferry pier in Blankenese, including the restaurants Fischclub and Ponton op’n Bulln remained closed. The police in Hamburg were investigating the 39 year old master of the Ever Given for suspected negligent assault and dangerous intervention in shipping. Two police officers remained aboard the ship during the voyage to Rotterdam. They conducted interrogations and secured the data, including the radar images and conversations between the bridge and the pilot station, as well as the voyage data recorder. There were no indications of a blackout and a navigational error was seen as a possible cause of the accident. At the time of the collision, two pilots were aboard the freighter, but they were not understood to be the focus of the investigation.,ndraktuell49188.html

Cargo ship Pelagitis (IMO 7528611) suffered damage to her starboard side main engine during the evening of February 10th, while leaving the port of Thessaloniki on its scheduled route to Lemnos, Mytilene, Chios, and Piraeus. Thessaloniki was informed by the captain of the damage. The ship was carrying eight truck drivers, 70 trucks and nine vehicles at the time. The ship was detained until the damage was rectified and the a confirmation of class maintenance submitted by the relevant classification society. 1978-built, Greece-flagged, 5,363 gt Pelagitis is owned and managed by Ainaftis Shipping Co of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Shipowners on behalf of Aeinaftis Shipping Company.