Marine accident round-up : 12th February 2019

Container ship Ever Given (IMO 9811000) was released on February 9th by the police in Brunsbüttel who said that they had finished their investigations. The ship suffered scrapes and dents on the starboard side aft after a collision last week, but she remained seaworthy and berthed at the ECT Delta Container Terminal, Rotterdam on the morning of February 10th where the German police continued their investigations. Initially it was thought that the ship had suffered a blackout, but it is now thought that a storm gust pushed the vessel to port side. Damage to ferry Finkenwerder and the ferry pontoons was estimated at several hundred euros. The ferry berth in Blankenese, Hamburg, will remain closed for an indefinite time due to the damage suffered. The future of Finkenwerder remained uncertain as she suffered significant superstructure, wheelhouse and hull damage.

2018-built, Panama-flagged, 217,612 gt Ever Given is owned by Luster Maritime/Higaki Sangyo care of Shoei Kisen Co Ltd of Imabari-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan. ISM manager is Bernhard Schulte –HKG LP of Hong Kong. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London J1) on behalf of Luster Maritime SA.

Salvor Salvamento Marítimo was asked to assist fishing vessel Mataró Tercero which was disabled and adrift 23 miles off the coast of Barbate in Cadiz due to an engine breakdown during the afternoon of February 7th. She had a crew of four on board. Tarifa MRCC mobilized SAR boat Salvamar Gadir to the ship which started towing the fishing vessel to the port of Barbate, where she arrived late that night.

RI 524 James Robert could remain off a beach on the southwestern Denmark island of Fanø for years, according to local reports. It was noted that another wreck had only just been removed from Amager beach after eight years of struggle Johan Brink Jensen, a Social Democratic council member, is campaigning for such a delay not to be repeated. The bill for getting rid of and scrapping the wreck can actually easily end up at Fanø Municipality as neither the owner of the ship nor his insurance company were reported to be taking responsibility for the wreck. Paying to remove the wreck and then trying to make the owner or his insurance company responsible for the costs could end up in a long-running legal battle, politicians were warned. The municipality of Fanø has therefore contacted an external legal expert. The insurer in Frederikshavn said that it was not abdicating responsibility, but that legally it could not intervene until the authorities before the Police, the Emergency Service and the Navy’s Operational Command had released the ship.

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General cargo ship Peak Bilbao (IMO 9545027) requested towing assistance around dawn on February 7th from France’s Centre Opérationnel de Surveillance et de Sauvetage Maritime (CROSS) Jobourg following a total blackout due to a water ingress on the bridge. Violent waves had broken the windows on the starboard side, causing damage to electrical installations, including communications propulsion. Only a handheld VHF was still working. The vessel was en route from Rotterdam to Bilbao, and was eight miles west of the Casquets traffic separation scheme, 30 miles southeast of Salcombe, Devon, UK. The response was coordinated by the Solent Coast Guard. Cherbourg Marine Operations Centre immediately deployed emergency tug Abeille Liberté for possible towing and, after negotiations with the shipowner, a towing contract was agreed, and the Abeille Liberté started towing . At noon the vessels commenced their transit to the port of Cherbourg where the freighter arrived around 22:00. 2011-built, Netherlands-flagged, 2,978 gt Peak Bilbao is owned by Peak Bilbao BV care of manager Peak Project Carriers AS of Nyborg, Norway. ISM manager is Gronberg Ship Management of Groningen, Netherlands. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Peak Bilbao. Gard AS is claims leader for H&M on behalf of Peak Group AS.

Oil products tanker Salim N1 (IMO 8773380) dragged anchor and drifted off Famagusta, Turkish-controlled Cyprus, running aground on February 7th in stormy seas. The ship became stuck on the beach next to the Gülseren military barracks. The crew of two was rescued with the help of Turkish National Coast Guard and rescue teams. A Coastal Safety tug and technical teams attended the incident scene in order to provide further assistance. As a result of initial inspection, no pollution was reported due to the incident, but the rudder was broken. The grounding site was declared a restricted zone for all types of marine traffic. The commencement of salvage operations awaited more clement weather. 1952-built, Tanzania-flagged 148 gt Salim N1 is owned and managed by Med Petrol Inc of Panama City, Panama.