Marine accident round-up : 30th October

Derrick barge DB-1 has partially sunk in the Gulf of Mexico after adverse weather caused it strike an underwater platform jacket on which it was working. Louisiana-based TOPS, which owns the barge, said that on the morning of October 22nd non-forecasted storms developed, hitting several vessels and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The 615-ton DB-1 is an eight-point mooring system derrick barge which can work in up to 600ft of water and can accommodate up to 110 people. TOPS LLC DB1 evacuated 71 personnel to an assisting OSV after the DB-1 was pushed off its location by wind gusts measured at up to 67mph and waves of up to 12ft. DB-1 had moved away from the underwater platform jacket sections, because of a previous rain squall, but it was punctured, possibly in a number of compartments, and began taking on water. Evacuation to the OSV was via an installed walkway. No one was injured and no one had to go overboard. The DB-1 sunk several hours later, in 56ft of water. According to the owner there was no pollution.

Ferry Karlsoy (IMO 7405948) ran aground just before noon on October 26th while en route from Vengsøy Island to Belvika with six people on board. The ferry changed course hard to port and ran onto the southern tip of Vengsøy island. Karlsroy was refloated several hours later and reached Belvika. Later that day she sailed to Tromsø, possibly for inspection and repairs. 1975-built, Norway-flagged, 659 gt Karlsroy is owned and managed by Torghatten Nord AS of Tromsø, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Torghatten Nord AS.

Aframax tanker Maria Bottiglieri (IMO 9473066) ran aground near Borssele, Netherlands, on the afternoon of October 26th, while en route from the US to Antwerp. The tanker, which was in full load, was refloated with the help of several tugs. She resumed moving upstream on the afternoon of the same day at a low speed of about 4 knots. It would appear that the vessel suffered either a loss of steering control or a mechanical failure. 2012-built, Italy-flagged, 60,205 gt Maria Bottigilieri is owned and managed by Rizzo Bottiglieri de Carlini of Torre del Greco, Italy. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (Americas Syndicate) on behalf of Rizzo-Bottiglieri-De Carlini Armatori SpA.

Bulk carrier Maraki K (IMO 9104158) collided with heavy lift ship Maria (IMO 9266566) at Constanta outer anchorage, Romania, early on the morning of October 25th. Both ships were reportedly underway at the time of collision, manoeuvring to anchor. Neither ship was thought to have suffered serious damage. 1994-built, Cook Islands-flagged, 15,950 gt Maraki K is owned by MedNet Shipping Trading Inc of Panama City. It is managed by Aknur Denizcilik Ve Dis of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Lodestar on behalf of MedNet Shipping Trading Inc.

2004-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 8,383 gt Maria is owned and managed by SAL Heavy Lift GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. ISM manager is SAL Ship Mgmt of Bremen, Germany. It is entered with Gard on behalf of SAL Heavy Lift GmbH.