Marine accident round-up : 29th March 2018

The Great Belt strait in Denmark was opened up again to transit on March 27th after bulk carrier BBC Neptune (IMO 9537264) and containership Delphis Gdansk (IMO 9780653) collided about eight miles east of Funen’s tip. Both ships suffered visible damage, with the port side foreship of Delphis Gdansk being crushed and the port side aft of BBC Neptune sliced. There were no injuries or signs of oil spillage. The search for containers lost overboard continued.

2010-built, Liberia-flagged, 24,050 gt BBC Neptune is owned by Volan Briese Schiffahrts care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 1) on behalf of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG MS “Volans”.

2017-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 25,715 gt Delphis Gdansk is owned by Salter Shipping SA care of Fednav Ltd, Montreal, Canada, and managed by Delphis NV of Antwerp, Belgium. ISM manager is Anglo-Eastern Germany GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 3) on behalf of Salter Shipping SA.

Containership AB2 Future (IMO 9122241) ran aground on the Caland Canal just outside Hoek van Holland during the morning of March 22nd, having sailed from Moerdijk early that morning. The ship left Rotterdam early on March 23rd, bound to Moerdijk. 1995-built, Netherlands-flagged, 3,999 gt A2B Future is owned by A2B-Online 2 BV care of Holwerda Shipmanagement BV of AC Heerenveen, Netherlands. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club.

General cargo ship Transforza (IMO 9199402) ran aground south of Kihnu Island in the Baltic Sea on the afternoon of March 20th, shortly after her departure from Pärnu, Estonia, while laden with pulpwood. The vessel was underway from Pärnu to Kaskinen. Water ingress into the ballast tanks was detected and divers inspected the vessel. The central part of Gulf of Riga was covered with ice ranging in thickness from five to 20 cm, apparently leading the ship to change course and steer into shallows. 2000-built, Gibraltar-flagged, 3,244 gt Transforza is owned by Industrial Shipping AS care of manager Rederei AB Transatlantic of Gothenburg, Sweden. ISM manager is Gota Shipmanagement AB of Gothenburg, Sweden. It is entered with Skuld (Business U nit Skuld 02) on behalf of Rederei AB TransAtlantic.

General cargo ship Fortuna (IMO 7707712) ran aground on the afternoon of March 20th while proceeding to the reception buoy at the port of Nevelsk, loaded with 2,850 tons of coal. Two initial attempts by port tugs to refloat the vessel were unsuccessful, but early on March 21st the vessel was refloated with the high tide and the assistance of two tugs. 1977-built, Russia-flagged, 2,372 gt Fortuna is owned and managed by Nevelskiy Morskoy Torgovyi of Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia. It is entered with Hydor.

After the berthing of bulk carrier Glory Hongkong (IMO 9626596) at the Vene-Balti port in Tallinn on March 10th, the pumping of water from the engine-room was resumed, and was completed on March 15th. The main engine, and other machinery which was flooded, have now been partially disassembled for inspection and overhaul. A superintendent representing the owners was scheduled to visit the vessel this month. Thereafter the scope of repair work and estimated time of completion of same will be agreed. 2012-built, Panama-flagged, 23,584 gt Glory Hongkong is owned by Wealth Star Shipping Ltd care of manager Seacon Ships Management Co Ltd of Hong Kong. It is entered with London P&I Club on behalf of ZSQ Shipping Ltd and Wealth Star Shipping Ltd.

Containership Samba (IMO 9428205) suffered engine problems during the evening of March 19th while en route from Tananger, Norway to Rotterdam. The vessel was towed into Rotterdam during the evening of March 21st. 2007-built, Antigu & Barbuda-flagged, 7,584 gt Samba is owned by Pacific Island Ems-Leda care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. ISM manager is GRS Rohden Shipping GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Swedish Club on behalf of Ems-Leda Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. Gard AS is claims leader for marine loss of hire.

Heavy load carrier Aura (IMO 9395276) collided with general cargo ship BBC Virginia (IMO 9501277)  near Umeå, Sweden, during the afternoon of March 19th, being in tow of icebreaker Sisu at the time. Aura was holed below the waterline in the stern, while BBC Virginia, suffered a 4mx1m hole above the waterline in the bow. Sisu arrived at Kokkola, Finland, shortly after noon on March 20th. BBC Virginia berthed in Umeå shortly after midnight on March 20th. Aura berthed in Vaasa, Finland, on March 20th.

2008-built, Finland-flagged, 3,259 gt Aura is owned and ISM-managed by VG-Shipping Oy of Turku, Finland. Manager is Meriaura Oy of Turku, Finland.

2010-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 9,618 gt BBC Virginia is owned by Dorenborg GmbH & Co KG care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG  of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 1) on behalf of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co KG MS Dorenborg.

General cargo ship Leonidas K (IMO 9467782) was arrested by the First Hall of the Civil Court at Valletta on March 16th due to unpaid debts. The departure permission has been cancelled by the Harbour Master, until payments of credit together with legal expenses. The vessel remained stationary and under arrest at Valletta inner harbour as of March 28th. 2007-built, Malta-flagged, 1,971 gt Leonidas K is owned by Sea Goild Marine Co Ltd care of manager Trade Maritime Agency Management Partners of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of member Trade Maritime Agency Management Partners.

A fire broke out in one of the crew cabins of passenger cargo RoRo Chowra (IMO 8020161) during the morning of March 23rd while the ship was berthed at Port Blair, Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal. The crew was unable to extinguish the fire and called for firefighters, who brought the fire under control. Several crew cabins were damaged or destroyed. 1983-built, India-flagged, 2,408 gt Chowra is owned by Andaman & Nicobar Admin care of manager The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd (SCI) of Mumbai, India. It is entered with Navigators on behalf of A&N Administration. NOTE, as of 8th February 2018, Navigators transferred the management of its marine P&I business to Thomas Miller Specialty Underwriting Agency Limited (TMS).