Marine accident round-up : 18th January 2018

Russian offshore tug Errie allided with berthed chemical oil products tanker Sapphire (IMO 9114969) in the Kaliningrad Fishery Port while shifting berth on January 10th. Three metres of the cargo deck gutter and the cargo hoses handler of the tanker were damaged. 1997-built, Italy-flagged, 9,914 gt Sapphire is owned and managed by Finbeta SpA of Savona, Italy. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of Finbeta SpA.

Ireland-flagged, 2004-built, 1,499 gt fish carrier Father McKee (IMO 9295878), suffered an engine failure when some 35 nm northwest of Cape Wrath en route from Killybegs, on January 10th. The vessel was taken under tow by an Irish fish carrier back to Killybegs.

Oil products tanker Tigran Martirosyan (IMO 9394480) suffered a fire on January 8th, caused by a burst oil line in the engine-room during the bunkering of the Greek crude oil tanker Minerva Sophia (IMO 9382762) at Berth No 6, Taman. The fire was extinguished by the vessel’s crew. The tanker was reported to be in urgent need of repairs and required a tow to the repair site. To obtain a permit for towage, the vessel was waiting for the approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 2006-built, Russia-flagged, 2,985 gt Tigran Martirosyan is owned and managed by Era Ltd of Novorossiysk, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia.

2009-built, Greece-flagged, 61,341 gt Minerva Sophia is owned by Sangallo Maritime Ltd care of manager Minerva Marine Inc of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division), on behalf of Sangallo Maritime Ltd.

Container ship Maersk Karachi (IMO 9162215) was in collision with cargo ship Oguz Sofuoglu (IMO 8420672), both en route to Constantza, about 14 miles off the coast in the vicinity of Durankulak, Bulgaria, on January 9th. Both vessels continued the voyage and safely arrived at Constantza, Rumania, where damage surveys were carried out. Maersk Karachi had sailed from Chornomorsk, Odessa, on January 7th, bound for Constantza. Oguz Sofuoglu sailed from Diliskelesi, Turkey, on December 7th, bound for Constantza.

1998-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 80,942 gt Maersk Karachi is owned by Maersk Shipping Hong Kong Ltd care of manager Maersk Line A/S (Safmarine A/S) of Copenhagen,  Denmark. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Maersk Line AS.

1985-built, Panama-flagged, 1,995 gt Oguz Sofuoglu is owned and managed by Oruba Shipping of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Standard Club (London class division) on behalf of Oruba Shipping Ltd.

Cargo m/v Elke W (IMO 9279070) was in collision with pilot vessel Wandelaar Pilot (IMO 9569011), about 11 miles off the coast of Ostend on January 11th while en route from Southampton to Antwerp. The accident happened when Wandelaar Pilot manoeuvred to drop off a pilot. No-one was injured but both ships suffered damage above the waterline. Wandelaar Pilot headed for survey in Ostend while Elke W headed to Flushing for a survey.

2012-built, Belgium-flagged, 2,462 gt Wandelaar is owned by Wandelaar Invest SA care of Cloot Dab of Ostend, Belgium.

Tanker Proteo was not allowed to depart from Bullenbaai in Curaçao where it had docked on December 31st, 2017. Her cargo of Venezuelan crude oil has been seized by international shipping companies, who demanded $30m from the Venezuelan State Oil company PdVSA for outstanding invoices.

General cargo ship BBC Kibo (IMO 9508421) was in collision with a tug at the entrance to the port of Porto Alegre, Brazil on December 21st 2017. The tug failed to get out of the way of the approaching cargo ship due to a stalled engine. She was hit on the starboard side and pushed across the harbour before the cargo ship could slow down. BBC Kibo was carrying transformers and accessories and was en route to Santos and then the port of Zárate. 2011-built, Antigua and Barbuda-flagged, 8,255 gt BBC Kibo is owned by Polder Schiffahrts GmbH care of manager Briese Schiffahrts GmbH of Leer (Ostfriesland), Germany. It is entered with Swedish Club (Gothenburg Team) on behalf of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG MS – Polder.