Malta investigating Mazarine incident off Land’s End in July

The main engine shutdown of ro-ro cargo ferry Mazarine (IMO 9376696) and the subsequent breach of its underwater hull on Wolf Rock off Land’s End, Cornwall, England, has been added to the list of investigations being led by other administrations. Malta, under whose flag the vessel sailed, is investigating, with the UK declared as a substantially interested State.

The Mazarine grounded on Wolf Rock Lighthouse off Land’s End, south-west England, during the morning of July 10th. The ship was refloated an hour later. The Mazarine was travelling from Ringaskiddy, Ireland to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The vessel refloated and drifted for several hours before the tug A&P Falmouth Mercia connected a tow to bring the vessel back to Falmouth’s ship repair dock.

The 22 crew and three passengers on board the vessel were safe and unharmed. No damage was observed on the lighthouse, according to its owners.

After running aground, two of the ballast tanks were breached, and water ingress was reported.

2009-built, Malta-flagged, 31,340 gt Mazarine is owned by CLDN Malta Ltd of Floriana, Malta. It is managed by CLDN Roro Sa of Luxembourg. ISM manager is Anglo-Eastern Ship NL of Goes, Netherlands.