Jumbo says no evidence so far that cranes came into contact in Rostock incident’

The salvage operation of the Liebherr cranes that sunk in Rostock Port is now underway, and an investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, reports SWZ Maritime.

Jan Hein Reeringh, Communication Manager at Jumbo, has said that ‘although a very complex matter, there is currently no evidence to suggest the Jumbo Vision’s cranes came into contact with the cranes loaded on board”.

Two Liebherr cranes fell into the water after being loaded on board Jumbo Maritime’s heavy lift vessel Jumbo Vision (IMO 9153642) on January 31st (IMN, February 4th 2020).

It had been reported that an eyewitness claimed that one of the harbour cranes on deck was tipped over by one of the shipboard cranes of Jumbo Vision, adding that the subsequent vessel movements then caused a second crane to fall overboard. Jumbo said that, based on information so far gathered in the accident investigation, there was no evidence that this was the case. “We have been able to determine the Liebherr cranes were already out of the ship’s cranes when the accident occurred”. Jumbo’s communication manager said, adding that “the shipboard cranes are undamaged”.

Reeringh said that “we expect the investigation may take quite some time before it is concluded. Of course, we will try to implement any lessons learned as soon as they come to light”.

Hebo Maritime Service’s floating crane Hebo Lift 9 was scheduled to leave Rotterdam on February 19th to assist in the salvage of the sunken cranes, but poor weather delayed departure by a week. As a result the Hebo Lift 9 on arrived last Thursday, March 5th. The first crane was recovered on Saturday morning.