Israel ports update, October 12th

Harpaz P&I and M. Dizengoff P&I Representatives advise as follows:

  • The Port of Ashdod: The port is located about 50 km from Gaza border. Subject to attack by missiles. The port is working in ‘emergency mode’ only. The current restriction on vessel’s carrying Hazardous Materials is still valid.
  • The Port of Haifa: This port also includes the Haifa Bay port and Israel shipyard, remains operating as usual.
  • The Port of Ashkelon: The port, which is located 15km from the Gaza border, is not operating normally. It is subject to attack by missiles. Vessels can discharge cargo only whilst moored at sea buoys.
  • The Port of Hadera: The port is operating as usual.
  • The Port of Eilat: The port is operating as usual.

Also, the Panama Maritime Authority has issued a circular giving guidance to Panama-flagged vessels following the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Panama Maritime Administration strongly recommended that all Panama-flagged vessels take all security measures and avoid transiting through the Mediterranean area near the Gaza Strip.