Investigation starts into Louisiana gas pipeline explosion

Regulators have launched an investigation after a pipeline exploded on Lake Lery, Louisiana, USA, last Thursday September 8th at about 16:00 local time.

Initial media reports suggested that a barge strike ruptured the pipeline, but a local official disputed that account when interviewed on local TV.

A 20-inch underwater natural gas pipeline was breached on Lake Lery. The gas ignited on the surface, sending a fireball skyward. By 21:30 the line had been isolated and valves on either side of the rupture were shut off.

No injuries were reported and only a small sheen of pollution was spotted on the surface. No significant impacts to air quality were reported.

A unified command led by the Coast Guard, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and operator High Point Gas Transmission LLC was monitoring the situation.

The US Department of Transportation defines the ruptured line as an interstate transmission pipeline.

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