General cargo ship breached after grounding in Japan Sea

General cargo vessel Vitim ran aground during the morning of August 25th while leaving Zolotaya (Golden) Bay in the Japan Sea. Vitim lost propulsion power and was pushed by the current and winds into a rocky shallow. The hull is breached in the ballast tank and engine room areas, with both sections reportedly flooded. Salvage tug MB-344, MB-354 and MB-356, which has divers on board, are present. Vitim is loaded with 4600 cubic meters of timber. It was en route from Svetlaya, Russia.

No injuries were reported and the vessel should be salvaged after offloading some of the cargo on board.

Vitim has overall length of 108.00 metres, with 3,183 DWT and 3,281 GRT. Vitim was built in 1973. Its owner and operator is Azia Shipping Holding.