Covid outbreak sees Dalian ban reefer imports

China continues to deploy a zero-Covid strategy, and global supply chains continue to be disrupted as a result. The Chinese government has decided to ban many refrigerated vessel shipments through the port of Dalian after the city was hit by a Covid-19 outbreak earlier in November.

Hamburg, Germany-based carrier Hapag-Lloyd has warned clients that there was now a restriction concerning frozen meat and seafood products bound for Dalian, which is China’s main reefer port.

Previous Covid outbreaks at port cities, including Dalian, have seen similar reefer bans/ The implication has been that Covid-19 could be transmitted into China via imported frozen goods.

Hapag-Lloyd is advising customers to divert reefer containers to other ports, such as Tianjin and Qingdao.

“There is a restriction concerning frozen meat and seafood products bound to Dalian, China”, said Hapag-Lloyd, continuing:

  • Divert your reefer containers to Qingdao, Tianjin and other ports in China (please note that this option is subject to having the necessary import license for your cargo); or,
  • Return the reefer container to its origin port; or
  • We will reserve the right to make the necessary arrangements in case we do not receive any instructions from you.

Hapag-Lloyd said that for all options the additional costs, risks and liabilities related to the storage or movement of the cargo after discharge would be for the account of the cargo owner. “Therefore, we kindly ask you to provide us with a written confirmation of your preferred choice for taking delivery of the cargo at your earliest convenience to initiate the necessary arrangements”, the carrier said.