Bulk carrier Anangel Courage collides with fishing vessel

A Chinese fishing vessel sank after colliding with Greek capesize bulk carrier Anangel Courage in East China Sea, some 35nm off Uotsori island, Japan. The cargo ship was heading south from Nantong, China, with a destination of Hedland, Australia. Near the Senkaku Islands archipelago at about 5.30am local time on August 11 it collided with small fishing vessel, which quickly capsized and sank, throwing all crew overboard. The duty officer of Capesize bulk carrier Anangel Courage immediately reported the accident to the Japanese coast guard Rescue boats and a plane found six from the fishermen, but a further eight are considered missing.

Anangel Courage was undamaged and none of the crew members suffered injuries. However, the vessel was detained by the authorities to investigate the root cause of the incident.

Anangel Courage was built in 2013 by Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding in China. It is owned and operated by the Greek company Anangel Maritime Services.