Benchmarking pay data for seafarers

A new global benchmarking service giving crew employers reliable and easily-comparable pay data for all officers and ratings has been launched by the HR Consulting division of maritime HR and recruitment specialist Spinnaker Global, The new benchmarking service focuses on seafarer pay by nationality, rank and vessel type and the cost of various endorsements and specialisms.
Spinnaker Consulting said that the new service was “launched in response to client demand”. The first report is due to be published in autumn 2017.
Phil Parry, Chairman of Spinnaker Global and founder of the Maritime HR Association, said that “a ‘we-know-what-the-market-pays’ approach is no longer good enough in a world where transparency is increasingly demanded by shareholders, lenders, staff representatives and authorities. Good corporate governance is not only about what we pay the CEO”.
He continued: “Shipping employers are realising that pay should be set in a more considered, or ‘scientific’ way. Proper pay and retention policies are a much bigger part of HR strategies nowadays. Reliable data supports a professional approach.”
As with the shore benchmarking service, the seafarer pay benchmarking service will be run by Spinnaker Global as the ‘trusted third-party’ for the purposes of United States’ anti-trust regulations
To find out more about HR Consulting’s Seafarer Pay Benchmarking, contact Mitch Digby or Helen McCaughran at [email protected] or on +44 (0)1702 481643.