Agreement reached over MSC Zoe damages

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management has reached an agreement with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) over damages from the loss by MSC Zoe (IMO 9703318) of 342 containers on January 2nd 2019.

In addition to the costs incurred by MSC itself for locating and recovering lost containers and cargo, NSC will pay the Netherlands compensation of €3,421,568.

This is compensation for the costs incurred by central government and other parties in combating the disaster, and also for costs that might still arise in the future. MSC has paid the sum.

Not all the cargo was recovered during the salvage operation, with 299 containers or parts of containers being salvaged.

The remaining cargo residues will be dealt with by, among other operations, by the Fishing for Litter project. Waste that ends up in the nets of fishermen as a by-catch is brought ashore and processed. MSC has paid €268,000 to Fishing for Litter.

Cargo remnants from the spillage that were not detected during the salvage operation might still appear. MSC has paid €217,800 so that any future sea repositories can be financed by the government and, in addition, €800,000 for any future cleaning activities on the beaches.

Rijkswaterstaat was in the process of securing agreements with the Wadden Island municipalities and the eligible interest groups about further cooperation and possible efforts in case cargo residues from the cargo wash up on the beaches.

MSC has also borne half the cost of an ecological-legal investigation, equal to €525,479, which is being carried out to determine whether there was environmental damage. The results of these studies are expected before the end of March this year.

A further amount of €7m has been guaranteed should it be established that the MSC Zoe and MSC are liable for the disaster.

2015-built, Panama-flagged, 192,237 gt MSC Zoe is owned by Xiangxing International Ship Lease Co Ltd care of Mediterranean Shipping Co SA of Geneva, Switzerland. ISM manager is Mediterranean Shipping Co of Naples, Italy. It is entered with West of England (European Claims Team) on behalf of Xiangxing International Ship Lease Co Ltd.