Accident round-up: Meranti focus – 16th September 2016

Fishing vessel Shun Tien No.606 capsized and partially sank after being battered against the quay in Kaohsiung port during typhoon Meranti. One crew member died. Local authorities will consider refloating the fishing ship after the bad weather abates. About 22 crew from the Shun Tien, and nearby as-yet-unnamed fishing vessels that were also severely damaged, had to be rescued.

At least 10 freighters anchored on the outer road were reported as suffering from dragging anchors, but no groundings have been reported so far.

Meanwhile, general cargo ship Riger-1 sank off Al Mukalla in south-eastern Yemen. The vessel was at anchorage, waiting to dock for unloading, when the hull cracked and started to suffer water ingress. The two-metre breach in the engine compartment caused the ship to begin to sink. The six crew sent a distress signal to the local authorities and abandoned ship to a life raft, from which they were rescued by the local coast guard. Under three hours later, Riger-1 sank.

The ship was reported to be carrying cargo of food and appliances for local businesses.