ZIM Kingston still at anchor of Canada west coast

As of the beginning of this week container ship ZIM Kingston (IMO 9389693) remained at anchor off Victoria, British Columbia, waiting to secure a facility willing to accept its cargo.

The vessel lost about 40 containers on October 22nd in stormy weather in the Juan de Fuca Strait while it was en route from Busan, South Korea to Vancouver, British Columbia. The ship headed straight for Victoria. Apart from the containers lost overboard, most of which are thought to have sunk, several containers that remained on the ship were damaged. A fire broke out on board the vessel afterwards, leading to further damage, with about a dozen vessels suffering fire damage.

While most of its cargo was saved unloading it will be problematic. WK Webster reported on November 15th that it was understood that the vessel might proceed to Nanaimo, British Columbia to discharge the damaged containers before proceeding to Vancouver for regular discharge operations. However, there has been no indication of this happening just yet.

The undamaged consumer goods still aboard will be in limbo for some time yet.

From the environmental viewpoint, officials believed the worst was over. On board it is a different matter. Some of the goods began to rot, setting off gas alarms that were installed for the protection of the salvage crew. There are some 2,000 containers on board. General Average has been declared.

When the ship finds a berth, and when the weather promises to be calm, the vessel will leave its emergency anchorage at Constance Bank. The crew will be joined on board by a salvage team hired by the ship’s owners to monitor the stability of the containers during transit and to fight any new fires that might ignite.

The ship will be escorted by two tugs, plus the Atlantic Raven. A US Coast Guard ship will be on hand in case the ship enters American waters as it makes its way around the southern tip of Vancouver Island. A marine mammal watch boat will lead the convoy, and an environmental monitoring vessel will follow.

The Transportation Safety Board has launched a Class 3 investigation into the incident. This is a detailed investigation that usually takes more than a year to complete.

2008-built, Malta-flagged, 40,030 gt Zim Kingston is owned by Balticsea Marine Inc care of manager Danaos Shipping Inc of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Swedish Club (Piraeus team) on behalf of Balticsea Marine Inc.