Yemen: Port Situation alert from Swedish Club

Gulf Agency Co Ltd, Swedish Club’s correspondent in Yemen, reports that it has just received first-hand information on the situation in Yemen from one of the surveyors who has returned back to Hodeidah.
The agency said that the situation in Hodeidah and Aden remained tense. A severe electricity shortage has existed in in Hodeidah since the middle of 2015. People who can afford it are using generators and solar power. A recent suicide attack on a Saudi war ship by rebels increased the level of tension. There had been air strikes in Hodeidah port, which destroyed the radar station, the agency said.
Hodeidah, Saleef, Aden and Mukalla ports were currently working normally, but all gantry cranes and warehouses had been destroyed by air strikes in Hodeidah port. Vessels calling at Yemeni ports still would only be allowed to enter Yemeni territorial waters following an inspection by the Saudi Arabian coalition forces.
Aden had been experiencing a complete black out since the afternoon of Sunday 19th February. Fuel supplies for domestic use had stopped a week earlier.