XL Catlin sponsors new survey

XL Catlin is sponsoring a new scientific survey to research the deep ocean, with the aim of creating a standardised methodology for marine biologists.to measure physical, chemical and biological indicators to assess the function, health and resilience of the deep ocean.

Deep ocean exploration firm Nekton is working with XL Catlin and other interested parties.

This is the third ocean-focused programme supported by XL Catlin, following the Catlin Arctic Survey and the XL Catlin Seaview Survey.

XL Catlin’s chief experience officer Paul Jardine, said: “As a re/insurance company there is an immediate need to accelerate our knowledge of how the oceans are changing. We need to understand the risks that businesses, society and ecosystems will face in future.”

The study participants will make the data freely available to other scientists.

Mike Maran, chief science officer at XL Catlin, said: “The oceans play a vital role in regulating our climate and controlling weather patterns. They underpin the health of our planet and yet we have little scientific data about the ocean as a driver of change.

“To manage risk effectively we must fully understand it, and at XL Catlin we’re committed to actively learning more about the risks that affect our future. This Survey helps us all expand our knowledge of the importance the oceans play on our daily lives.”

Alex Rogers, Nekton’s principal scientist and professor of conservation biology at the University of Oxford’s Zoology department, said: “By working together we will develop a better understanding of ocean health, but to achieve that we need a common scientific approach.

“The XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey will create the first standardised methodology for marine biologists across the world to build on.”

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