Wreck of Agia Zoni II is brought to surface

The wreck of oil tanker Agia Zoni II, which sank off Greece on September 10th, causing a serious oil spill, has been lifted from its resting place, according to marine services company Spanopoulos Group.

Wreck recovery operations were launched on November 24th and completed in five days with a floating crane, tugs, anti-pollution vessels and Spanopoulos Group’s specialized diving crew. The 3,205 dwt tanker was dismantled and temporarily transferred to nearby facilities to carry out inspections.

Mihalis Spanopoulos, owner and coordinator of the recovery company said that “with the removal of the ship we managed to eliminate the risk that could more adversely affect the environment”, adding that the work of coastal de-pollution was in its final stages.

At the time of the sinking Agia Zoni II was loaded with 2,200 tons of fuel oil and 370 tons of marine gas oil.