Weather problems in Scandinavia add to container shipping problems

Weather-related disruption at ports in northern Europe and the diversion of vessels away from the Red Sea were causing congestion at container terminals, Maersk said yesterday January 18th in an update to customers.

“Winter weather conditions as well as the Red Sea contingencies are expected to affect operations across Europe and Hub terminals,” Maersk said. “This is leading to increased yard density across terminals and customers are kindly asked to pick up their units as soon as possible after discharge to support fluidity”.

Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc had said in Davos on Wednesday that the disruption to global shipping caused by the attacks on vessels in the Red Sea would probably last for a few months at least.

“So for us this will mean longer transit times and probably disruptions of the supply chain for a few months at least, hopefully shorter, but it could also be longer because it’s so unpredictable how this situation is actually developing,” said Clerc at the Reuters Global Markets Forum.

“This is extremely disruptive because you have close to 20% of global trade that transits through the Bab al-Mandab Strait. It’s one of the most important arteries of global trade and global supply chains and it’s clogged up right now,” said Clerc.