Warehouses and grain silos damaged in Russian attacks on Ukraine port on Danube, governor says

Russian air strikes on Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning August 15th/16th in southern Ukraine damaged grain silos and warehouses at one of Ukraine’s ports on the Danube, Ukraine’s Odesa’s Governor Oleh Kiper said on Wednesday on the Telegram messaging app.

“Russian terrorists attacked Odesa region twice last night with attack drones. The main target is port and grain infrastructure in the south of the region,” Kiper said.

While Kiper did not specify which port was attacked, the assumption will be that it was either Reni and Izmail, both of which have been attacked before.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s air force on Wednesday that a large group of Russian army drones entered the mouth of the Danube River and headed toward the port of Izmail. Social media groups reported hearing air defence systems near both Izmail and Reni.