Wardetzki and Cameron leave Hanseatic

Thomas Miller (TM) has announced further changes at Zeller Associates Management Services GmbH (ZAM GmbH), which was bought by TM in October 2018.

TM said that the aim was to develop Hamburg into a strong hub for the Fixed Premium P&I business within the TM Group. Zeller operates Hanseatic Underwriters.

Captain Bert Wardetzki has stepped down as a managing director and will leave Hanseatic. TM thanked him for “his dedicated and expert work in building up our company and establishing the ‘Hanseatic Underwriters’ brand in the international P&I insurance market”.

Claims Director Ian Cameron has left the company and TM will close the Chelmsford based UK office. TM wished Cameron all the best for his further career. Claims handling will be handled by the team in Hamburg and will be technically managed by Thomas Miller Claims Management (TMCM).

Tobias Braun will continue to be responsible for Business Development, Finance and Underwriting. Helge Volger is assigned to him as Underwriting Director.

Tomas Schmidt has been appointed as managing director for Human Resources, Compliance, Operations and Risk Management. Schmidt joined Hanseatic in 2013 and became a member of the Management Team in 2017.

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