Viking Sigyn captain released on bail

The captain of inland marine cruise ship Viking Sigyn was released on bail on Wednesday June 12th, two weeks after his vessel was involved in a collision with tourist boat Hableány that sank on the River Danube in Budapest with a party of South Koreans on board. The captain’s legal team has said the Captain was “devastated” by the incident, but insists that he did nothing wrong. The South Korean government had formally asked for the captain to be kept in detention. It has sent divers and officials to help the Hungarian investigation. The captain’s lawyer, Gabor Toth, said that Budapest’s appellate court had confirmed an earlier ruling to release the captain on HUF15m ($53,000) bail.

The cruise ship’s owner, Switzerland-based Viking Cruises Ltd , has said it is cooperating with Hungarian investigators.

The Hableány was raised on June 11th by floating crane Clark Ádám. It was placed on the deck of barge HSP 1513A and taken to the South Budapest industrial port of Csepel for a detailed investigation. The “Hableány” will be searched for the remaining bodies by the police as the wreck had a thick layer of river mud inside it which could be concealing more bodies.

The aft showed clear signs of the collision when the Viking Sigyn pushed her bow onto the stern, causing the ship to capsize within seconds.