Viking Sigyn captain placed under legal supervision

The ex-captain of the Viking Sigyn, which collided with sightseeing boat Hableany during heavy weather and on a fast-flowing River Danube in central Budapest on May 29th, has been placed under criminal supervision under a non-binding court ruling, the captain’s lawyer said on October 25th.

The 64-year-old Ukrainian captain currently remained in custody, awaiting any appeal against the court’s decision, which would need to take place within three days.

Ferenc Rab, deputy spokesman for the municipal chief prosecutor’s office, intimated that there would be an appeal.

In June, the captain was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal misconduct but later released on a bail of €45,600. The municipal court ruling granting the captain’s release also obliged him to remain in Budapest. However, the chief public prosecutor turned to the Kúria, Hungary’s supreme court, over the captain’s release, after which the top court ruled that the decision by lower courts to release the captain on bail had been unlawful. At the end of July the captain was taken back into custody.

 Budapest’s 6th and 7th district prosecutor had earlier filed a request for an extension of the captain’s detention until November 30th. A first-instance court then ordered his detention until only September 30th, rejecting a motion by the defence for the captain’s release on bail. In October the prosecutor’s office successfully appealed that ruling and the captain’s detention was reportedly extended by three months.