Vessels sunk after Cyclone Seroja hits Indonesia, East Timor

Floods and landslides were triggered on Timor, the island shared by Indonesia and East Timor, by tropical cyclone Seroja. The cyclone also impacted a cluster of islands in southeast Indonesia. A total of 113 people were recorded as killed, but that number is expected to rise, with many still unaccounted for and thousands displaced, officials said on Monday April 5th.

The cyclone brought flash floods, landslides and strong winds amid heavy rain over the weekend, disaster agency BNPB said. Hundreds of houses and other facilities such as a solar power plant were damaged. Ships and motor boats sank as the cyclone set off waves as high as six metres.

One vessel confirmed as sunk was Passenger/Cargo RoRo Jatra I (IMO 7818626), which capsized in Bolok Port, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), at the ferry pier on April 4th due to the extreme weather. The ship listed to port side and finally capsized in heavy rain storm.

1980-built, Indonesia-flagged, 3,871 gt Jatra I is owned by the Indonesian Government Min Land Comms and managed by ASDP Indonesia Ferry of Jakarta, Indonesia.

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