Update on Qatar from Japan P&I re Egypt calls

Japan P&I Club has informed its Members of the influence on navigation in Egypt as a result of diplomatic severance by Arabian Gulf Countries.

UAE correspondent Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) said that the following vessels were not allowed to enter Egyptian ports:

1. Owned by a Qatari national or Qatari company;

2. Flying Qatari flag;

3. Foreign but under charter to a Qatari national or Qatari Company;

4. With Qatari crew;

5. With cargo bound to / from Qatar regardless of vessel nationality.

Meanwhile, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said that is was committed to a ban on allowing Qatari ships to dock in ports within the Suez Canal’s economic zone. In

press statements on Friday, SCA chairman Mohab Mamish said that Egyptian ban on the ships was being imposed on all ports within the zone based on Egyptian sovereignty over its territorial waters.

Mamish said that Egypt could not bar Qatari ships from traversing the canal.

The Constantinople 1869 agreement makes it illegal to ban any ships from passing through.

Mamish said that the revenues of the canal would not be affected by the ban due to the already low number of Qatari ships that dock in the ports.